DJ Set @ Croisières Electro Radiomarais sur la Seine

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Croisières Electro Radiomarais Jeudi 24 Mai 2017 21h45 #MOONRISE DJ Set sur bateau qui bouge commençant à 1h03’40” avec la musique de la Playmate CocoBoy Listen to #MOONRISE – MASTER SEB & OLAF HUND & RYKO TA byRM | LE MÉDIA DES GENS on   

Olaf Hund on Yan Hart-Lemonnier Podcast

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It’s Music Time, Session 8 by Yan hart-Lemonnier Track from New Territories OST at 7’15

Olaf Hund on Mnsr Zero Podcast

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Track at 39’27  

Interview avec Fabianny Deschamps sur Aligre FM

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Interview dans le B.O. HEDBO de Benoît Basirico à 11’45

Olaf Hund Radioshow : La Niche on Radiomarais

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September 2013 to February 2015 :: HOST RADIO SHOW “LA NICHE” :: @RADIOMARAIS (Marais, Paris) Olaf Hund is back as a host on RADIOMARAIS with his own radio show “La Niche”, every Monday from September 2013 to February 2015. Here, Olaf  introduces us in his greatest privacy some orginal artists, journalists and experts in music with unique personalities to discover. This radio show will open you the door to unknown areas. Check it out the guest list: Pascale Bodet, Laurence Rémilia, Ygal Ohayon, Jean-Marie Tassy, Louise Vertigo, Mélanie Bauer, Jean-Marie Perbost, Thierry Théolier, Olympe Joffré, Aurélia Morali, Andy Gardiner aKa Vicarious Bliss, Anne Horel, Charlotte Decroix, Jean-Daniel Beauvallet, Kid Loco, Rebecca Zlotowski, Marco Prince, Jean-Baptiste Guillot, Anne-Flore Cabanis, Loik Dury, Ruddy Aboab, Dorothy Shoes,...

DJ Set @ Petites Gouttes

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17/01/2015 ::2015 COMMENCE LE 15 – RADIO MARAIS:: @PETITES GOUTTES (Paris) RADIO MARAIS, the radio show, spends the day of the 17th of January 2015 at PETITES GOUTTES. From 12:oo PM to 02:00 AM, various artists will be introduced on the show to make music one by one. Olaf Hund is present from 09:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Watch an extract of the DJ set by Olaf Hund: HERE See the line-up of “LE FESTIVAL RADIOPHONIQUE / LE MARAIS”: HERE or HERE © Jacob Khrist

DJ Set @ Le Baron

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09/07/2014 :: #JENSUIS AU BARON // RADIOMARAIS :: @ Le Baron (Paris) DJ Olaf Hund plays at the trendy LE BARON with Squid and the Stereo, Mr Bonus and Charlie Le Mindu. See Event on FB: HERE

Live on La Chambre à Air TV

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29/06/2013 :: LA CHAMBRE A AIR FAIT SON COMING OUT :: @Cercle Bernard Lazare (Paris)  Olaf Hund participates to the original event “La chambre à air fait son coming out” with LA CHAMBRE A AIR. Come spend the day with us, sitting on the inner tube to discuss, debate, meet new people and attend performances. And if you can not come, the show is obviously broadcast live on RADIOMARAIS! (The show is produced and distributed by RADIOMARAIS.) See EVENT: HERE  

Mix @ Le Chapon Rouge on RadioMarais

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Olaf  Hund was the guest of the radio programme Mix @ Le Chapon Rouge on RadioMarais. 2 hours of quality music selectionned an mixed by Olaf Hund. Listen and enjoy!  

Hip No Hop: Exclusive Mix For Le Musicassette

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Listen to “Hip No Hop”, Olaf Hund’s exclusive mix for Le Musicassette available here Tracklist: Cypress Hill, Make a move Dope D.O.D., What happened Suprême NTM, Plus Jamais Ça Die Antwoord, Rich Bitch Olaf Hund, Lovin’ The Darkness Milez Benjiman, Chop That Wood Alaclair Ensemble, Alaclair Simian Mobile Disco, I Believe These New Puritans, Three Thousand Olaf Hund, Psycho Killer Talking Heads, Memories Can’t Wait Amerigo Gazaway (Fela Kuti & De La Soul), Breakadawn The Parcyde, Pandemonium