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:: Live performance 22’22” for Festival OFNI by Olaf Hund before the screening “NEW TERRITORIES” :: @ FESTIVAL OFNI (Poitiers)

The movie “NEW TERRITORIES” (directed by Fabianny Deschamps) is screened on 14 November at Festival OFNI (Poitiers) with a live performance by Olaf Hund.

More information about Festival OFNI: HERE




:: LES FOLIES D’Olaf :: @ Aux Folies (Belleville, Paris)

Olaf is back to the place-to-be at AUX FOLIES with his friend DJ Kay One from 09:00 PM to 02:00 AM.
See Event on FB: HERE

Aux Folies




::  Preview “NEW TERRITORIES” :: @ Nouveau Latina Cinema (Paris)

Preview of NEW TERRITORIES in Paris on 27 September at 06:30 PM at Nouveau Latina Cinema in part of ACID /  Festival de Cannes 2014. Olaf Hund is there from 06:00 PM.

From Instagram

Olaf Hund and Fabianny Deschamps (c)Instagram




:: #JENSUIS AU BARON // RADIOMARAIS :: @ Le Baron (Paris)

DJ Olaf Hund plays at the trendy LE BARON with Squid and the Stereo, Mr Bonus and Charlie Le Mindu.
See Event on FB: HERE





:: Oloffson Hotel :: (Port au Prince, Haïti)

Olaf Hund will be playing at the legendary Oloffson Hotel, opening up for RAM and Sanba Zao, and he will have some very special guests such as Zikiki Yizra’El, Jean-Philippe Dary, Mark Mulholland and Tony Allen.





:: AFTER AU MOKA :: @ Moka (Goncourt, Paris)

Spend all night at MOKA with an after party with Olaf Hund and Ygal Ohayon.
See Event on FB: HERE





:: Live performance ” 22’22 ” for ACID Selection at Festival de Cannes 2014 by Olaf Hund before the screening “NEW TERRITORIES” :: @ Cinéma Les Arcades (Cannes)

The movie “NEW TERRITORIES” (directed by Fabianny Deschamps) will be screened on Friday 23 May at 08:00 PM at Cinéma Les Arcades Cannes for the ending of ACID / Festival de Cannes 2014s’ line up with a concert by Olaf Hund with Voodoo Section FU.

See Event on FB: HERE
An excerpt of Olaf’s performance: HERE (The Hunt is Dead) and HERE (Procession)






:: Review for”NEW TERRITORIES” :: @ The Hollywood Reporters

An article about NEW TERRITORIES (directed by Fabianny Deschamps).
Conclusion of this review is: “The standout technical contribution is the shape-shifting score of Franco-German electronic musician Olaf Hund.”





:: AFTER CE MATIN AVEC MZKBX :: @ Moka (Goncourt, Paris)

Olaf Hund plays with his friends : Ygal Ohayon (Versatile Records), Yillias  (Udopiya Nation) and MZKBX (Karat Records) at Monka.
See Event on FB: HERE





:: Fuck Yeah Zero Zero #4 W/Olaf Hund & Ygal Ohayon :: @ Zero Zero (Paris)

F*ck YEAH! Ygal Ohayon and Olaf Hund are back with their DJ Set at Zero Zero. That will be “la Folie, Folie” .
See Event on FB: HERE

fuck yeah 4




:: BARBOUQUIN ON FIRE! DJs Ygal & Olaf Hund :: @ Barbouquin (Belleville, Paris)

The Barbouquin has just opened!!! It’s cosy, good and beautiful. Come to discover this new place by enjoying a party with DJs from Belleville Party People: Ygal and Olaf Hund!
Strictly Vinyl as usual.

See Event on FB: HERE




From 14th to 25th of May 2014

::Competition for the original soundtrack from “New Territories” movie  :: @ ACID (Festival de Cannes)

Olaf Hund has produced the original soundtrack for the movie “New Territories” written by Fabianny Deschamps.
His work has been selected in competition  by ACID (in part of the “Festival de Cannes 2014″).

More informations about the nominees: HERE





:: LES FOLIES DES FEMMES – Strictly Vinyl :: @ Aux Folies (Belleville, Paris)

For the Women’s Day, Olaf makes a special event with DJ Goo Blum!
See Event on FB: HERE





:: Babyfoot Boogie Club #3 – Strictly Vinyl :: @ Okubi Caffé (Paris)

Again and again and again, come to enjoy the DJ SETS (only with VINYLS) with Olaf Hund, Seep and Ygal Ohayon.
See Event on FB: HERE





:: Fuck Yeah Zero Zero #3 W/Olaf Hund & Ygal Ohayon :: @ Zero Zero (Paris)

F*ck YEAH! Ygal Ohayon and Olaf Hund are going to turn crazy with their DJ Set at Zero Zero together this year.
See Event on FB: HERE

fuck yeah 3



:: Babyfoot Boogie Club #2 :: @ Okubi Caffé (Paris)

The babyfoot Boogie Club is back for the second time!
Play babyfoot, drink good drinks, enjoy the music! COME!

A special DJ set with only Vinyls especially chosen by DJs Olaf Hund, Ygal and La Mverte.

See Event on FB: HERE



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September 2013 to February 2015


Olaf Hund is back as a host on RADIOMARAIS with his own radio show “La Niche”, every Monday from September 2013 to February 2015. Here, Olaf  introduces us in his greatest privacy some orginal artists, journalists and experts in music with unique personalities to discover. This radio show will open you the door to unknown areas.

Check it out the guest list: Pascale Bodet, Laurence Rémilia, Ygal Ohayon, Jean-Marie Tassy, Louise Vertigo, Mélanie Bauer, Jean-Marie Perbost, Thierry Théolier, Olympe Joffré, Aurélia Morali, Andy Gardiner aKa Vicarious Bliss, Anne Horel, Charlotte Decroix, Jean-Daniel Beauvallet, Kid Loco, Rebecca Zlotowski, Marco Prince, Jean-Baptiste Guillot, Anne-Flore Cabanis, Loik Dury, Ruddy Aboab, Dorothy Shoes, Alexis Bernier, Xuly Bet, Ariel Wizman, Guillaume Sorge, JF Julian, Sophie Desmarais, Céline Fuhrer, Fabienne Deschamps, Emmanuelle De Héricourt, Xavier Clergerie, Kay One, Dominique Pétrin, Julien Larena, Marcos Dos Santos, Patrice Blanc-Francard and l’Atlas.

Official website with all interviews : HERE





:: Babyfoot Boogie Club / Stricly Vinyl DJs: Seep – Kid Loco – Olaf Hund :: @ Okubi (Paris)

Come to play babyfoot and enjoy the music!
A special DJ set with only Vinyls especially chosen by Olaf Hund, Seep and Kid Loco.
See Event on FB: HERE





:: Fuck Yeah Zero Zero #2 W/Olaf Hund & Ygal Ohayon :: Zero Zero (Paris)

With Ygal Ohayon, they come back at Zero Zero for the second time to give you a powerful DJ Set.
See Event on FB: HERE





:: ROLAX PARTY :: La Foul’E Pigalle (Paris)

A party with  ROLAX label with Seep, Max Komori and of course, Olaf Hund.

See Event on FB: HERE





:: Dj Set – LES FOLIES D’HALOWEEN :: @Aux Folies (Belleville, Paris)

A special Haloween set by Olaf Hund with his friend, Ygal Ohayon (Versatile Records).

See Event on FB: HERE




:: OXYGEN Summer KIKI :: @Aux Bons Amis (Paris)

New set by Olaf Hund, with others artists: ALYOTIS (Quatedral/MixVibes) and FFC PRÉSIDENT (Fédération Française de Clubbing).

See Event on FB: HERE

 Oxygen summer kiki




:: INTERVIEW – Olaf Hund, hérault malgrè lui :: By CAFE BABEL

A great interview about his projects.
Read the interview HERE.





:: LA CHAMBRE A AIR FAIT SON COMING OUT :: @Cercle Bernard Lazare (Paris) 

Olaf Hund participates to the original event “La chambre à air fait son coming out” with LA CHAMBRE A AIR.
Come spend the day with us, sitting on the inner tube to discuss, debate, meet new people and attend performances.
And if you can not come, the show is obviously broadcast live on RADIOMARAIS!

(The show is produced and distributed by RADIOMARAIS.)





:: DJ SET :: @AUX FOLIES (Belleville, Paris) 

Please apologies to those who came yesterday. The set was cancelled at the last minute because of the noise sound from the Bar next door.





:: OXYGEN:: @Fête de la Musique des Abbesses (Paris)

Olaf Hund plays at Rue Abbesses in Paris with other artists such as Victor Petroi, Alyotis, FFV Président, Arnaud Lanoiraude and Sébastien Bromberger.
See Event on FB : HERE

DJ Set @ Zéro Zéro

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Olaf Hund will be DJ with his friend Ygal (Versatile / Les Edits Du Golem) at Zéro Zéro on Thursday, 27th June.

More infos in the Facebook event

Mix @ Le Chapon Rouge on RadioMarais

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Olaf  Hund was the guest of the radio programme Mix @ Le Chapon Rouge on RadioMarais.

2 hours of quality music selectionned an mixed by Olaf Hund. Listen and enjoy!


DJ Set Chez Moune

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Olaf Hund is the special guest of the Dog Edition of Opéra de Nuit next Friday chez Moune

More infos in the Facebook event

New reviews from abroad

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Three new reviews from abroad

An interview in English on the international website ChainDLK.com

And two reviews in German on Glitterhouse.com and Cinesoundz.com

Enjoy your reading!

New Music Video on Wednesday March 27th!

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New girly & violent music video: Scream & Jump
Directed by Nathalie Lebon & Chloé Montalva
Available on Youtube Wednesday March 27th
Stay tuned!

Music Is Dead out in Germany, Austria and Switzerland!

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Music Is Dead is finally going across the Rhine to please all the German hearing ears!
Available on Vinyls, CD or digital.
Buy Vinyls or CD on Amazon
Buy digital on Itunes


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Olaf  Hund will play live at the I.BOAT in Bordeaux on Friday February 15th 2013
More info on Facebook, tickets on Digitick
This gig will be the chance to discover a new live trio show
with Alix Ewandé & Manu Sauvage

Olaf Hund’s Top 10 Albums of 2012 for the blog Ring the bell and run like hell

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Olaf Hund made a selection of his 10 favorite albums of 2012.

1. Tristesse Contemporaine ::  Tristesse Contemporaine
2. Todd Terje :: It’s the Arps
3. Die Antwoord :: Ten$Ion
4. Zombie Zombie :: Rituels d’un nouveau monde
5. Mexican Institute Of Sound :: Político
6. Dope D.O.D. :: Branded
7. Alaclair Ensemble :: 4,99
8. Mi Ami ::  Dolphins
9. Amerigo Gazaway of Gummy Soul ::  Fela Soul
10. The Shoes :: Crack my Bones


You can find the ranking on the blog among ranking from other music professionals.
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