Showcase de la BO New Territories à la Fabrique Balades Sonores

Posted 03 Dec 2015 in Live, MovieMusic, Releases, Solo

Olaf Hund est dans la Sélection Balades Sonores de Décembre  2015! Pour fêter le lancement de la sortie de la bande originale de “New Territories” composée par Olaf Hund, un showcase aura lieu à la La Fabrique Balades Sonores (1-3 Avenue Trudaine, 75009 Paris, France) ce soir à 19H30. Venez nombreux! Voir l’événement sur : Facebook / Balades Sonores  

Live with Erol Josue

Posted 20 Sep 2015 in Live, Others

20/09/2015 :: EROL JOSUE x Special Guest DJ Olaf Hund :: @ La Bellevilloise Ménilmontant (Paris) Olaf Hund is the special DJ Guest! He plays RARA ELECTRONIC with EROL JOSUE.

Fuck Yeah DJ Set @ Zero Zero

Posted 02 Sep 2015 in Live, Solo

02/09/2015 :: FUCK YEAH ZERO ZERO #6 :: @ ZERO ZERO (Paris) F*ck YEAH! Ygal Ohayon and Olaf Hund are back with their DJ Set at Zero Zero!

The Dance Holes @ [BP]#16

Posted 30 Aug 2015 in Live, TheDanceHole

30/08/2015 ::   #16 – Tag Und Nacht (midi-minuit) :: By Berlinons Paris @ Au Garden Paris (Bobigny, Ile de France) Olaf Hund plays as THE DANCE HOLE for the special TAG UND NACHT event from 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM. See Event on FB: HERE

Haute Couture Populiare Live @ OPA Paris

Posted 16 Jul 2015 in HauteCouturePopulaire, Live

16/07/2015 :: FIRST LIVE BY HAUTE COUTURE POPULAIRE :: @ OPA (Paris) HAUTE COUTURE POPULAIRE (Olaf Hund, Terdjman and x1000) plays for the first time at OPA. Stay tuned.

The Dance Hole Live @ Batofar

Posted 18 Jun 2015 in Live, TheDanceHole

18/06/2015 :: LIVE BY THE DANCE HOLE FOR ” LE TEMPLE HORS SERIE” :: @ Batofar (Paris) Olaf Hund makes his first appearance as THE DANCE HOLE (live) for “LE TEMPLE HORS SERIE” with many others DJs set such as Simo Cell, Isidore Aron, Theorama, Gakona and more. See Event on FB: HERE

DJ Set @ Les Nautes

Posted 09 May 2015 in Live, Solo

09/05/2015 :: LES NAUTES :: @ Les Nautes (Paris 4ème) New DJ set by Olaf Hund (electro hybride) with two another great artists, Tom-K (deviant house) and Ivan Moderne (hip hop / soul). See Event on FB: HERE Les Nautes: HERE

Fuck Yeah Zero Zero

Posted 16 Apr 2015 in Live, Solo

16/04/2015 :: FUCK YEAH ZERO ZERO #5 :: @ ZERO ZERO (Paris) F*ck YEAH! Ygal Ohayon and Olaf Hund are back with their DJ Set at Zero Zero! See Event on FB: HERE

Spéciale 8 Mars

Posted 08 Mar 2015 in Live, Solo

08/03/2015 :: 8> Folies de Femmes <3 :: @ Aux Folies (Belleville, Paris) Olaf Hund plays  a special DJ set with Goo Blum. For the Women’s Day, they have chosen together some special videoclips and screenings for you at AUX FOLIES from 07:00PM to 02:00Am. See Event on FB: HERE

DJ Set @ Petites Gouttes

Posted 16 Jan 2015 in Live, RadioShow, Solo

17/01/2015 ::2015 COMMENCE LE 15 – RADIO MARAIS:: @PETITES GOUTTES (Paris) RADIO MARAIS, the radio show, spends the day of the 17th of January 2015 at PETITES GOUTTES. From 12:oo PM to 02:00 AM, various artists will be introduced on the show to make music one by one. Olaf Hund is present from 09:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Watch an extract of the DJ set by Olaf Hund: HERE See the line-up of “LE FESTIVAL RADIOPHONIQUE / LE MARAIS”: HERE or HERE © Jacob Khrist

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