Olaf Hund



« The Jacques Tati of Electronic Music » Talents SACEM / MIDEM
« You’ll be storing this tasty treat for longer. Savour the flavour. » I-D
Olaf Hund dances the waltz with electronic music conventions… he awakens your brain and feet » Le Monde
« Olaf Hund has confirmed his mastery of anti-conformist universes » Le Monde
« There is no better soundtrack for grooving around your home » Time Out
« The parisian artist sounds kind of Sati and Aphex Twin» Spiegel
« Hund breaks all the codes with humour to create a hybrid » Libération
« A man who breaks obligations and dogma, who doesn’t understand in whose or what’s name one should fence off the field of possibilities » Les Inrockuptibles


Olaf Hund, the Franco-German composer / producer and representative of the “anti-French Touch” movement, has established himself in the electronic music scene since the late ‘90s. His multi- disciplinary performances and mastery of multiple instruments brought him to the fore in 1999 as a pioneer of hybrid and unclassifiable musical styles.

He created his own independent record label, Musiques Hybrides and Free Complex Collective, producing many artists (Alexis HK, Louise Vertivo, JB Wizz, Black Landford, Nicolas Police…). He has composed for the contemporary circus (Philippe Decouflé), for films (Laurent Hart, Fabianny Deschamps…), for haute-couture (Jean-Paul Gaultier) and has collaborated with artists such as Peaches, Mocky, Gonzales, Schneider TM, Léonard de Léonard, Taraf de Haidouk, Diane Tell and Tony Allen.

A multi-talented artist, Hund is working on a number of new musical projects (Haute Couture Populaire, the Dance Hole) and also in post-production and film music.

While organising next year’s 20  anniversary of his label (which will include the re-release of existing catalogues and also the release of unpublished works) he has opened Total Recall Studios, a mixing and post-production studio in the Paris. (www.facebook.com/TotalRecallStudios).

With the original film soundtrack from New Territories, directed by Fabianny Deschamps, he has given us a stunning musical score that seamless blends ambient noise and classical orchestration.